Are you fat? (for girls 8-14)

Hi I kept doing these quizzes to see what i was most say i was fat or chubby so i thought i would make my own. This is my first one so don`t trust it to be epic. Please answer the last question truthfully. As i am typing this my belly is covering the front keys.

Have ago but don`t be offended if you get bad because if you are you probably have noticed it. if there is not the exact one please pick the closest. thanks

Created by: cool big
  1. what is your age
  2. measure your waistline (hips) in centimeters.
  3. measure you belly (past belly button)in centimeters?
  4. stand up look down what can you see
  5. do you have a muffin top
  6. sit down crossed legged. can you see the top of your trousers
  7. do you`re thighs touch when you walk
  8. how big is you bottom?
  9. do you think your fat
  10. did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I fat? (for girls 8-14)

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