How Skinny/Chubby Are You?

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As the population begins to increasingly gain weight, you might wonder if you were fat as well. Can you pinch fat on your belly, or are you in shape? Take this quiz to find out.

This quiz will tell you where you land on the spectrum: fit, skinny, slim, average, pudgy, or chubby. Note: this quiz is mostly tailored toward girls.

Created by: Jules123
  1. Sit down and lean forward: how many fat rolls do you have?
  2. Wear tight jeans, sit down, and lean forward: how much does your belly hang over?
  3. Sit down and lean forward: how much fat can you pinch?
  4. Sit down in a hard chair: how much do your thighs spread?
  5. Stand up and look down: what do you see?
  6. Stand up and pinch your belly: how much fat can you pinch?
  7. Put on tight jeans and stand up: do you have a muffin top?
  8. Tap/slap your belly: what happens?
  9. How big are your boobs?
  10. Tap/slap your thigh: what happens?
  11. Poke/feel your butt: what do you feel?
  12. Do you have love handles?
  13. Run/jump: what happens?
  14. What is your waist measurement?
  15. What is your BMI?

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Quiz topic: How Skinny/Chubby am I?

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