Is your belly perfect, chubby, flabby or just big

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Ever felt some little fats on your belly or a lot or maybe you've had none. This quiz focuses on whether your belly is perfect, chubby, flabby or big.

This quiz is designed for everyone! I hope you like the quiz and enjoy your result. Your belly can be any of those 4 and good luck!!! Bye 😋😋😜🙂🐢🐢

Created by: Anagha
  1. When you touch your belly, what do you feel
  2. What type of belly do you have
  3. What type of belly do you want
  4. Do you like your belly
  5. Are you an innie or an outtie
  6. Is your belly round, straight or big
  7. What compliments do you get on your belly
  8. Do people poke your belly
  9. Is your belly squishy
  10. Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Is my belly perfect, chubby, flabby or just big