Nuh uh! You do not know... Rob!

Hey! Is that slightly chubby Orlando Bloom? Oh... No. It's just Rob. Man, how well do I know that guy anyway? Maybe I should take this quiz and find out.

Do you know Rob or the Roppleganger? Whoever or whichever one you know, you can always test your knowledge. They're pretty much the same guy anyway.

Created by: Rob of The Boatman
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  1. What is in Rob's earring on his left ear?
  2. How many tattoos does Rob have as of April 7, 2007
  3. What is Rob's favorite television show?
  4. What is Rob's second favorite television show?
  5. Where does Rob work?
  6. Which one of these is one of Rob's nicknames?
  7. What is Rob's favorite movie?
  8. What is Rob's cat's name?
  9. When should you not try to annoy Rob?
  10. What is the Rob's natural enemy?
  11. What is the name of this house which Rob shares with Josh Bell and Jay Hazelwood?
  12. Has Rob ever owned a snake?
  13. What is Rob's favorite book series?
  14. Which of the following three are part of Rob's ancestry
  15. Who is Rob's favorite comic book character?
  16. What fraternity is Rob in?
  17. What is Rob's favorite song?
  18. How is Rob's last name spelled?

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