Are you EVIL??!?!?!?!?

There are many evil people in the world, but no one knows exactly how many are truly evil. Evil people are, afterall, quite evil. Many people define evil as different things, ranging anywhere from stealing cookies from the cookie jar to say, murdering people.

Are YOU evil? Have you ever wondered of your evilness? DO you have the nerve (and the smarts) to "earn" this... er... evil title? Thanks to this fantastic (and evil) quiz, the world's questions will be answered for you... or, at least your evilness.

Created by: Mataia

  1. You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock, you
  2. After eating a wholesome and vitamin rich breakfast, you decide to go for a jog. What do you take with you?
  3. After leaving the house, you take one last glance at it. WHAT DOES YOUR HOUSE LOOK LIKE?
  4. Okay, so you left the house and are now taking a brisk jog when you come across a......... HOMELESS DUDE. What do you do?
  5. DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT OWN A SHOVEL?! Don't lie.... I'm on to you...
  6. Back to your jog. After your encounter with the homeless guy, you head into a fast food restaurant for some lunch. WHICH RESTAURANT DO YOU CHOOSE?
  7. You go inside to order your meal. BUT ALAS, THE CASHIER CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE ALL OUT OF KETCHUP!!! You
  8. As you're walking out of the restaurant, a small child comes up to you saying they can't find their daddy. You
  9. Out of nowhere, a jet pack drops out of the sky and lands at your feet. Finding nothing better to do you strap it on and fly. However, as soon as you put it on a message pops out of a secret compartment reading, "You must kill your best friend as they are extremely evil. Use this jet pack to fly to their house faster." What do you do?
  10. (assuming that you refuse to kill them) You fly to your friends house to warn them that the government may try to kill them. Your friend turns around holding up a gun pointed directly at your head. You
  11. BOOM, a helicopter from above busts and drops down a rope ladder. Your "friend" quickly climbs up it and escapes. You shrug and walk back home.
  12. What's your favorite food?
  13. Which is the most evil?
  14. Do you like puppies?
  15. It's the last question, how do you feel?
  16. Do you like pie?
  17. Okay, THIS is the last question.

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Quiz topic: Am I EVIL??!?!?!?!?