What Scary Creature Are You?

There exists many people who say they are a vampire, zombie skeleton or anything but they aren't the scary creature they think! thanks to this quiz you will find out!

by answered the questions below you prove how much you are EVIL. good luck! hope you are REALLY EVIL! Isn't it great that you can find your answers of being evil in this quiz?

Created by: John wilson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Color Do You Like?
  2. Do You Like Scaring People?
  3. Do you wish for magical powers?
  4. What kind of home do you like?
  5. Are you awake even at 12:00 PM?
  6. Do you act like...
  7. Do you want to destroy the people you don't like?
  8. Do you like evil acts?
  9. When you have alot of power, would you...
  10. Do you want to destroy the world?

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Quiz topic: What Scary Creature am I?