Are you emotional?

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This is a quiz about emotions. Obviously. If you have seen the movie "inside out" then you will get what I said at the end. If not (this is french) "C'est la vie". It's life!

Please think of something original to say in Paragraph 2! Just briefly describe your quiz. This made me laugh when I put in gibberish! LOL! XDDD! :D..

Created by: 070085915

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  1. Do little things make you feel weird?
  2. Do you cry if something bad happens.
  3. Do you cry if something die's?
  4. Do you cry if someone that is very close to you or somebody you love dies?
  5. Are you short-tempered?
  6. Are you always high-strung (tense)?
  7. Do you suffer from depression?
  8. Do movies get into you?
  9. Are you sassy? (BE HONEST)
  10. Do you make big scenes over nothing?

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Quiz topic: Am I emotional?