How Emotionally Insecure are you?

Emotional Insecurities are one of the important aspects in a relationship. Some see it, some don't. Emotional insecurities can harm you in either big or small ways.

There are different kinds of insecurities. Other than being physically insecure, we can also be insecure in an emotional way. Have you already figured out if you are emotionally insecure?

Created by: Franscine Vicente

  1. How long have you been with your partner?
  2. Do you trust your partner?
  3. Do doubts about your partner enter your mind?
  4. Do you try to read the mind of your partner?
  5. Do you compare yourself to your partner's exes?
  6. Do you usually focus on the negatives?
  7. Do you think that others might steal away your partner?
  8. Have/had you been having fights with your partner about emotional insecurities?
  9. How do you handle your fights with your partner?
  10. Are you willing to confront your partner about your emotional insecurities?

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Quiz topic: How Emotionally Insecure am I?