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  • The answer to the question about what Hermione used to get to her classes is a 'Time-Turner' -- the correct answers say it's a 'Time-Twister'. This is wrong. I've read POA ten times, so I know. Secondly, the Ministry rep who sent Harry the Howler in OOTP is Mafalda Hopkirk, not Mefelda Honker. If you're going to make a Harry Potter quiz, make sure the answers are right first.

  • first, if your gonna make a harry potter quiz you have to make the answers correct, poohead. its not like your smarter than everyone. your just a dumb loser. second, hermione used that "time-turner" to go to her class. and third, you dont even know the movie harry potter. you better watch those series you dumby and read a POA. or else your just a dumb loser. and fourth you better make a quiz unlike this.

  • Guys, I agree with all of your comments but you could be a tad less harsh! And yes, if your gonna make an HO quiz based on CORRECT ANSWERS make sure you write the CORRECT ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs Potter
  • it was a time TURNER u moron! dont pretend u no everything. if ur gonna make a quiz based on harry potter, go read some books and check that all ur answers r right!


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