Are you Brave and Bold

There are many fans but super fans arent many. Take this quiz - things, which only a superfan will remember. If you think you are superfan, try this quiz.

Are you a superfan? Or just an ordinary fan? Take the quiz and find out! If you know everything about the show, you will pass. If you don't, you will fail.

Created by: Stili
  1. What is the video of the theme song?
  2. Who became the enemy of Superman in the episode "Triumvirate of Terror!". (When the villans changed their foes)
  3. Batman was saved by Flash from Capitan Boomerang after Flash battled with...
  4. The evil wizard which tried to open Pandora's box is called
  5. Orm is ___________'s brother
  6. Which hero has a robotic ailen suit?
  7. Who stopped Equinox with the power of all heroes?
  8. Gentenmale ghost became ghost in
  9. In "The long arm of the Law!", the main villan is
  10. The Dark Mite tried to end the show in the episode

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