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Do you think you are a brave and bold Gryffindor, or a smart and sly Slytherin. Or do you think you're the Loyal and Kind Hufflepuff, maybe you're and Wise and Witty Ravenclaw? This quiz will tell you!😄

This quiz is designed to tell you if you're a Brave and Bold Gryffindor or is you're a Smart and Sly Slytherin. Maybe you're a Wise and Witty Ravenclaw, or a Loyal and Kind Hufflepuff.

Created by: Rue
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  1. Please answer honestly, are you considerd smart
  2. Are you cool?
  3. Do you plan on joining the Death Eaters? ( if you click yes you don't have to worry about geting into Slytherin just for clicking yes)
  4. Are you Nice?
  5. Do you like compeditive sports?
  6. What would you be doing during your free time? Answer honestly
  7. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions in the muggle world. You find a wallet what do you do? ( please, I'm begging you, answer honestly)
  8. Your friend wants to visit an old castle rune, and when you get there, there is a sign that says " WARNING, DO NOT ENTER" what would you do?
  9. You and you love or friend are a a restaurant, and you offer to pay the bill. When the bill comes you find it says 30£ (or 50$) what would you do?
  10. Your friend has a cheat sheet for a important test that will tel if you will go on to the next grade or not, your friend asks you if you want to use it to, what do you do?
  11. Magic Question! You come face to face with a bunch of snachers, your friends are with them. What would you do? ( answer honestly)
  12. What house do you want to be in?( I swear that This won't affect your score)
  13. What house do you not want to be in?( It still won't effect your score)
  14. What is your favourite kind of mythical animal?
  15. Do you like my quiz? I also have a Do you know your spells quiz, and a Harry Potter know it all quiz as well. Best of British to you! ( Best of British means Best of British luck😉)

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