which house at hogwarts are you in

Hi Everyone , this is my first quiz sorry if its a bit rubbish but I tried hard on it so that's what matters and it took me a long time to make and I hope you enjoy it.

Are you a cunning Slytherin,a loyal Hufflepuff,a wise Ravenclaw,or perhaps you are a brave Gryffindor.You will have to take the quiz to find out.I will make other quizzes as well.

Created by: Seren Miles

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favourite spell
  2. If you could have any power what would it be
  3. What is yor favourite class
  4. Who is your favourite teacher
  5. What is your favourite colour
  6. What creature do you like
  7. Who would you want to be your BFF at hogwarts
  8. Who would you like to expel from hogwarts
  9. What is your favourite potion
  10. What is the core of your wand

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Quiz topic: Which house at hogwarts am I in