are you black or white

are you black or white? many people know the answer to that but what are you most like do are you a white cracker or or the word witch i am not allowed to say...

well... here is my quiz i to bored too to sleep and not lazy enough to eat so here is my quiz take it and experience the thrill of a life time and the merriment of the magic of a life time? could this paragraph any dumber.

Created by: lolla
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  1. you are walking down the street seeing how many people you can meet when you come across a what?
  2. choose a song artist
  3. you see your enemy what do you do
  4. when i was young i was hoping to get a hold of this strange new world hoping i could learn to....
  5. choose wisely for one of these letters is real and the other are just in disguise. as p,b,and j lol
  6. now you have proven in yourself of having some brains now for the test of how strong you are
  7. yes or no do you like me (trick question)
  8. O k now time for another meaningless question. will you be my mommy
  9. are you black or white
  10. well, how is it going
  11. ah stop trying and making me Emo Jill
  13. so how are you liking the quiz
  14. true or false you watch yo mamma
  15. did you watch American Ganster
  16. do you think O.J. Simpson is innocent
  17. wait, you have Com-cast enlighten me if you do
  18. well here is the scoop i heard you have been naughty this year and i am running out coal this year so have some rain deer poop!
  19. o-k last question test of truth are you black or white
  20. o-k last question i am sorry i lies to you can we still be friends

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Quiz topic: Am I black or white