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  • Me ish white, God damnit I'm a vampire.

    Hey buddy Chum pal if you take another Diddley darn step right there, I will have to Diddley darn snap your necc.

    Just kidding here have a cookie.
    Just kidding.

    My name is inigo Montoya and you killed my [Insert something here] prepare to die peep.

  • Is their any proper grammar in this quiz?
    I could hardly understand it.

    I understand if you honestly can't speak English, but if you are joking, it is not funny. It just says that you think bad grammar looks good. It doesn't.

    Next time you write something, make it coherent so people can understand it.

    Iron Wizard
  • I saw the "my chemical romance" button and I sqealed and hit it like a thousand times. I guess I'm probably a grahm cracker.... even though my genes root back into Irish and German history but alright ^_^

  • I got 93% white...I am black lol but i guess my parents are right, i do act a little too all the time. I say like a lot and also i say literally a lot too. I was confused with the grammar here, but then again i am a grammar nazi irl lol

  • I think my I.Q. just dropped exponentially.

    Tha t... I must award you, kind sir, because that was completely cringe-worthy.

  • It said I was white and I just have to say I am black and white so no


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