Pokrmon Black and White 2?

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I Know everyone In all Quizzes say something Like The only accurate Quiz and The Best Coolest Most Realistic Quiz Ever. Let Me Make this simple. Its accurate and its is Pokemon Black and White 2

So My Fellow quiz Takers are you ready to.. You know test the quiz. Or see if the quiz tests you or if its Vise Verssa. Spoiler alart UNDERTALE RELATED QUESTIONS IN THIS QUIZ

Created by: MrMario00 2.0
  1. What is the name of the town that you recieve your starter Pokemon?
  2. What is the type of the Elite Four Grimsly?
  3. In what city do you first battle team plasma?
  4. When you Battle a member from team plasma it says'you were faced by team plasma ...' What?
  5. Where do you get moomoo milk
  6. How many rare candies does the Station maniger in Anvill Town give you
  7. Which of these pokemon can you not get by breeding?
  8. Which city is closest to a foongus anf how do you find it?
  9. What does Ghetsis Leave in the giant chasm
  10. Which undertale theme is Iris's battle theme closest to. [Sorry If you Dont do Undertale. Or themes]
  11. What is Cheren's Ace
  12. What is Roxie's ace
  13. What is Burgh's Ace
  14. What is Elesa's Ace
  15. What is Clay's Ace
  16. Who is skylas ace
  17. What Is Drayden's ace
  18. What is Marlon's Ace
  19. Who is Shauntell's Ace
  20. Who is Grimsly's Ace
  21. Who is Catelin's ace
  22. Who is Marshal's Ace

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