Are you bald???

A short, quick test to see if you're bald. Mostly Yes or No choices. If your bald and you already know it, then take this quiz anyway! See if it's correct.

If you are most especially NOT bald, then you could always just take it to see if you will become bald soon! Be prepared for the inevitable baldness!

Created by: Sardonyx

  1. Do you have hair?
  2. Do you have hair in you're armpit?
  3. Do you have hair on you're back?
  4. Do you have hair on your neck?
  5. Do you have hair on your arms?
  6. Do you have hair on your legs?
  7. Put your hand on your head. Do you feel hair?
  8. Does your hair feel like there is more in the back than in the front?
  9. Are you a female or a male?
  10. How old are you?

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Quiz topic: Am I bald???