Are you attracted to girls

Are you attracted to girls but just don't know it let this quiz help you find out. Make sure to read everything thoroughly, if it doesn't make sense you can try to infer what I'm saying.

This quiz is mostly for people who are confused. If you are a lesbian or fully straight the quiz will not work, properly. Don't forget to enjoy and hopefully you learned more about yourself.

Created by: Sarah of Are you attracted to girls
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  1. Do you like girls
  2. What made you want to take this quiz
  3. What did this girl have that made you question yourself or take this quiz
  4. How often do you text this girl, if so what about. (Which fits the best, mostly the what about)
  5. Is this person your best friend
  6. Do you ever "touch"
  7. Be honest do you ever check out her body 👀
  8. Has this girl ever sat, lied, or fell on you but you secretly liked it
  9. Do every dream about this person (what category fits best, lol they aren't that good)
  10. Do they make you feel good about yourself, do you like yourself better with them
  11. Do you think you'll ever make a move
  12. Last question: Promise me this you will make some impression to let her know, but only if you know she won't expose you or anything. You have to let her know email me at: beastybro35 a random name I just made if you want some advice on what to say. I promise you this won't be a scam just trying to help other girls on what I struggled with myself.

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Quiz topic: Am I attracted to girls