Are You Annoying?

At some time or another, everyone is annoying, whether they know it or not. Random phrases, goofy made-up words, or nasty remarks can all be annoying. If you are unsure what people think of your quirks, take this quiz.

Have you ever been told to back off, shut up, or go away? How many times in the past week have you heard, "That's annoying,"? Find out how truly bothersome you are in this quiz.

Created by: Abby
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  1. Do your friends value your input when they are struggling with something?
  2. If you are talking on the phone with your friend and there is an awkward silence, which of the following are you most likely to say?
  3. About how often are you invited to parties/events?
  4. If your parents let you date, approximately how many steady relationships have you had?
  5. Do you spout nonsensical phrases at times when there is a silence or you don't know what to say?
  6. Does it annoy you to be called annoying?
  7. If somebody came up to you and asked for advice on getting ahead in school/work, what would your response most likely be?
  8. If you were having a party, approximately how many people could you rely on to come?
  9. What song do you like LEAST?
  10. How often do you and your best friend get together?
  11. If you could achieve worldwide fame overnight, what would you want to be known for?

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