Are you and Justin Bieber made for each other??

Are you and justin bieber meant to be?? Will you have little Justin Bieber's?? Will you be Mrs Bieber?? Find out Take this quiz d:-) you never know what is going to happen.xx.

Are you and JB meant to be?? Do you Know everything about him?? Until know you could only wonder if you are going to be Mrs Bieber but thanks to this quiz you will find out everything.xx.

Created by: tyler
  1. What his mums name??
  2. What color are his eyes?
  3. How tall is he??
  4. What is his favorite sweets??
  5. What is his favorite food??
  6. When is his birthday??
  7. What is JB'S shoe size??
  8. Where was JB born??
  9. Where does he live now??
  10. What is JB@s favorite color??
  11. What is JB'S favorite drink??
  12. What is Justin;s half sisters name??
  13. What is his half brothers name??

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Quiz topic: Am I and Justin Bieber made for each other??