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  • You are 78% Otaku! 78%

    Well you are considered a fellow Otaku. Welcome to the family! But You aren't a leader yet so you don't get to know the Otaku pledge. Oh well you tried. Put in a little more time and you will soon be considered a friendly rival to my Otakuness. Are you getting bored of anime around this point? Well here is how to spice it up. Meet new people. Cosplay at least once a week- make it like a holiday. Whach wierd off the wall anime that no one whaches except for the people who never go outside. Experince what it is like in their life in the basement.

    So tru :3 i started watching anime 3 years ago - except for the fact that i watched pokemon like 6 years ago.... XD but this test is really accurate....and since i want to know the Otaku Pledge....IM GONNA KEEP WATCHING MORE!!!

  • you are 93% Otaku!

    Hi there my Otaku friend! You sure give me hope! I thought everyone was going to score lower than 85%, but you proved me wrong! You should know the Otaku pledge by now right? I was tempting all the lower scored people that didn't know it with it. Well I wish you luck on your Otaku adventures, if we met I'm sure you would rival my own knowledge. So I'm glad we didn't! Oh did I tell you? I'm now a fortune cookie. Let me predict your future.... You will try to rival my Otaku knowledge in the future... Well until you make a quiz better than mine, you'll never be able to surpass my Otaku level!

  • You are 55% Otaku! 55%

    Ooooooooo. Eeeeeeeee. Ooohhhhhhh. Well you have chosen the path of becoming an Otaku. Your itching to whach and read more at this point aren't you? Well let me tell you, don't lose that urge. Absorb in the life of an Otaku. Breathe it in and become who you were meant to be. Yes.... Yes.... Otaku's unite! Oops I almost said the Otaku pledge to you. Can't do that just yet. You have to prove your loyality to the group. Now go do push ups with a inuyasha plushie on your back while chanting "Ooooo....taaaaak.. .uuuuu...

    Perfec t! XD Really accurate quiz. I only discovered anime about a year ago and I love it :D

  • Technically question 13 isn't completely true. An otaku is simply a nerd. We westerners just use the word of Otaku to describe anime nerds.Japanese anime otakus just accepted what we commonly use it for.

  • Is being a 73% otaku good for being in otaku family

  • got a 64% rate of being an otaku not that bad haha!


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