Are you an emo ?

Loads of people have different descriptions for emos, they're sad, depressed, attention seeking, they wear skinny jeans, loads of makeup, they cut themselves, they listen to my chemical romance, they're bisexual. So what exactly is an emo ? I think an emo is someone really nice and sensitive, someone who is different but doesn't like to stand out ! But then that's just me thinking !!!

Are you an emo ? Do people say you are ? Do you think you are ? Well take this quiz to find out !! Don't get offended if something in this quiz isn't what you think, everyone is entitled to an opinion !!

Created by: nirvana
  1. Why are you taking this quiz ?
  2. What's your favourite colour ?
  3. Choose a list of groups...
  4. Do emos cut their wrists ?
  5. Do emos cut their wrists ?
  6. Do you cut yourself ?
  7. Have you ever written a suicide note ?
  8. Do you hate your life ?
  9. Which onf these sentences describe you the best ?
  10. What do you think your results will be ?

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Quiz topic: Am I an emo ?