What Design Of Aeropostale Jeans Are You

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What Aeropostale Jeans are you? When you take this quiz you will find out if you are flare, curvy, bootcut, skinny, ultra skinny or jegging! Find out now!

Do you shop at Aeropostale? Not only do they sell incredible jeans but they also sell shirts, underwear, bags, fragrance, socks, dorm and yoga outfits and much more!

Created by: Jenin
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  1. What Bottoms Do You Where Most Of The Time?
  2. What colour of jeans do you wear most?
  3. What shirt do you wear with your jeans?
  4. What jeans do you buy from aeropostale?
  5. What size of jeans are you?
  6. Do you think Aeropostale jeans are comfy?
  7. Where do you buy your jeans?
  8. How many pairs of jeans do you have from Aeropostale?
  9. How did you purchase your Aeropostale jeans?
  10. Was the cashier friendly when you bought your Aeropostale jeans?

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