Are you an Edward or a Jacob

there are many people who don't know who they are In this quiz you will answer questions to find out who you are most like Edward cullen or Jacob black or as some people say are you more like a vampire or a werewolf.

are you an Edward or a Jacob now's the time to find out so take this quiz and you might be surprised by the outcome because sometimes you think your a werewolf and turn out to be a vampire or the other way around

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  1. if your true love said they did not want anything for there birthday not even a party what would you say or do
  2. If you where a vampire would you let your love be one also?
  3. if you where a mythical creature of any kind would you tell your love
  4. would you rather have your love live forever with you or kill your self when they died
  5. how would you let your love know you loved them
  6. if you where a werewolf how would you tell your love
  7. if your a vampire and your love is friends with a werewolf what would you do
  8. if you where a werewolf and your love was friends with a vampire what would you do
  9. where would you most likely live
  10. do you prefer the heat or the cold

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Quiz topic: Am I an Edward or a Jacob