Team Edward or Team Jacob?

This is probably more of a Girls quiz than anything... It all comes down to Vampires and Werewolves.. or more specifically Edward or Jacob? Do you prefer the coolness and hardness or the heat and excitement of life?

So which is it? Jacob or Edward? Werewolf or Vampire? Find out after you take this quiz. Maybe you're thinking Edward, and end up with Jacob (hey there's nothing wrong with that!) Enjoy the quiz, it's my first one!

Created by: Amy
  1. Do you like the cold or the heat?
  2. Which kind of smell do you prefer?
  3. It begins to rain while you're halfway home from school
  4. You're wondering about your significant other late at night
  5. A person you've been really crushing on, starts dating someone
  6. That person you like breaks up with their bf/gf
  7. Your best friend just flew into town to see you
  8. You see an acquaintance of yours about to get hurt just by not paying enough attention to their surroundings
  9. Some person you don't know starts flirting with you
  10. You're in the cafeteria for lunch

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