Are You An Animus or a Hybrid... or Both?

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Are you an Animus or a Hybrid... Or even both?! Maybe... Or you could be something else such as a soldier that is loyal to their queen... Or a talons of peace member?

Who are you? A humble soldier that's loyal to his\her queen?? Or a Talons of peace Member? A dragon who`s not welcome back to his\her tribe. Maybe you could take the quiz again sometime?

Created by: Whiteout
  1. What would you do with animus magic if you discovered you were one?? (you can lose your soul if you use your magic to much btw)
  2. How many times would you use your powers?
  3. How would you use your magic??
  4. Which hybrid would you be?
  5. What do you want to be??
  6. Would you want to be an animus? Or a queen? Not both?
  7. What would you want to be?? (not an Animus)
  8. What's your favorite color??
  9. Ok, the most important thing... Can you resist the donuts!!!
  10. Would you want to be a Talons of peace member? Or a soldier that`s loyal to your queen??

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Quiz topic: Am I An Animus or a Hybrid... or Both?