Are you an Animal Jam Expert?

There are manny jammers but only very few people ACTUALLY have played. please take this quiz and i will decide weather or not to fart out rainbows on your house and call my Nyan tribe to go destroy you.

Do you know animal jam, Do you know who Julian2 is, Do you know how to read? Why are youo reading this? Please stop now this is utterly useless and is wasting as much time as i'm wasting typink this moronic extremely long and utterly useless and did i say time wasting sentance?!

Created by: diamond

  1. Who is the most famous jammer of all time?
  2. When was the last Non-Member Animal released?
  3. What is Julian2's favorite band/artist?
  4. How many lands are there in Jamaa?
  5. As of the owl update, who greets you when you make a new account?
  6. What are the Holidays of jamaa?
  7. What is the most expensive Shop in jamaa?
  8. How many animals in Jamaa Are there?
  9. What is the rarest item?
  10. What is the eagles only shop named?
  11. How many buddies can an account have maximum?
  12. Who is the most famous hacker many people impersonate?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Animal Jam Expert?