Are you allowed to pee

Take this quiz to find out if I will give you permission to pee or not. If you don't already have to pee you must drink 2 cups of something that makes you need to pee (coffee, water, soda, beer)

If you pee during the quiz (even just a dribble) you have to drink a glass of water and start again.During the quiz you are not allowed to use your hands to hold yourself.

Created by: Pee pee
  1. Do you need to pee
  2. How long since you last peed
  3. How much have you drank in the last 2 hours
  4. Are you crossing your legs
  5. Press lightly just above your pubic bone for a few seconds, how did it feel
  6. How does your bladder feel now
  7. How much longer do you think you can hold
  8. Open your legs and don't hold yourself with your hands - how does it feel?
  9. Do 5 sit ups. How does your bladder feel?
  10. Drink a glass of water while listening to waterfall sounds. How does your bladder feel?

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Quiz topic: Am I allowed to pee

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