Are you a Zombie?

The night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, land of the dead. Many films portray zombies in the light of the supernatural, but in reality, do they walk the streets among commoners? Take the Zombie quiz and see if your infected today!

Do you have doubts about your zombie roots? Do you feel that the zombie lifestyle is most suiting to you? Fill out this simple survey and reveal the truth!!!

Created by: Crimson_Fear

  1. When your tummy growls, which suits your appetite best?
  2. What Are You Currently Wearing
  3. Pick up the Phone, Call a Friend, Choose your first greeting to the friend you called.
  4. Of what Descent does your skin color originate from?
  5. *Activity* Walk to your Fridge and back. How long did it take?
  6. When you approach a member of the opposite sex, what is your technique?
  7. Have you ever or will you ever die and reanimate shortly after?
  8. Spell Zombie
  9. I Will now recite a quote. "Clatto Verata Nicto" Did you stand from your seat and start pawing at the computer screen?
  10. Does a full moon make you grow thick hair, long fangs, and give you an unstoppable urge to howl at the moon

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Quiz topic: Am I a Zombie?