Will you survive a zombie outbreak?

Will you survive a zombie outbreak? Are you smart enough to stay uninfected? Will you worry about yourself, or try to save your fellow uninfected? Will you make it to a survivors colony, or will you end up trying to eat your family and friends?

I love zombies and I really like zombie movies and zombie shooting games. In a way, I wish there was a zombie outbreak to see if I would survive. So, take this quiz and see if you would survive a zombie outbreak.

Created by: Christian
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  1. You hear about an outbreak of a virus that causes cannibalism on the news. What do you do?
  2. What would be your melee weapon of choice?
  3. What would be your vehicle of choice?
  4. Which type of zombies would you prefer to deal with, the fast but weak, or slow but strong?
  5. What would be your primary weapon?
  6. Who would you go get when you hear of the outbreak?
  7. What would be the safest place to hole up?
  8. What secondary weapon would you use?
  9. How many people would you have in your group?
  10. You are holed up and notice that you are low on supplies. There are no zombies around the building that you are in, but the store is a few blocks away. What do you do?
  11. One of the people in your group looks like he/she got bit by a zombie. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie outbreak?