Are You a Wetter? [wetting for fun]

People have many different interests, some are considered normal, others not so much. Wanting to wet and doing so are not considered normal, so it's sometimes difficult to accept where our minds wander and what they want.

Whether you already know that you love it, not sure how much you like it, or trying to figure out what your position on wetting yourself is, here's the most accurate way of telling. Be honest with yourself, no one but you will see the answers, ever have to know, and no one will ever be harmed =]

Created by: Allison
  1. How often do you think about wetting?
  2. Have you ever wet yourself on accident?
  3. Have you ever wet yourself on purpose?
  4. If you have done it on purpose, why?
  5. If a friend told you they like to wet as much as possible and they asked you if you liked it an how much, you would respond with..
  6. Pants, bed, diaper, in public..pick
  7. If it was public trend to start wetting yourself, how would you feel
  8. Have you ever told anyone about your love/interest/curiosity for wetting?
  9. Have you taken any other wetting quizzes?
  10. When was the first time you were curious about or acted out on wetting?
  11. If someone offered you a pack of diapers that were your size would you wear and/or wet them?
  12. Have you wet within the last week?
  13. You're out in public wearing a diaper and dark jeans. No one you know is around you. Would you consider wetting if no one found out?
  14. If you're taking this test because you honestly are struggling to accept youre liking and/or curiosity, and the results were that you love to wet, how would you feel?
  15. Some people have purposely made themselves incontinent. Would you?
  16. If you wet on purpose, would you change right away?
  17. Do you have a wetting buddy?
  18. You're on a long bus ride and the bus has no bathrooms, and theres no plan to make a stop within the next 3 hours..but you REALLY have to pee. For whatever reason, you have a diaper with you. What do you do?
  19. You wake up and realize you wet the bed.
  20. If you've ever been on diaper punishment [whether its from parents, spouse, friend, etc], did you like it?
  21. Whats the most public place you'd allow yourself to wet?
  22. You should wet right now. Did you?
  23. Do you wish you didn't like to wet?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Wetter? [wetting for fun]