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Created by: Alex
  1. Which song was carefully engineered in 2016 to make babies happy?
  2. Which Physicist claims that Particle Physics prove that Ghosts don't exist?
  3. Which South Korean Company created 'The First Smart Watch For Blind People With Braille Texts'?
  4. Which of these sports is considered to be the toughest?
  5. Which island commonly known as the 'Snake Island' is home to approximately 2,000 to 4,000 vipers?
  6. Which of these are the toughest organisms on Earth?
  7. Which 'Ancient Predatory Worm' was recently discovered in February 2017 inside a Museum?
  8. Which of these is a 'Disney Inspiration' designed by the "Mad" King Ludwig II?
  9. Which new iPhone App is designed to make you happy and nice?
  10. Which Food Theme Park is coming to Italy, which will be nearly the size of Disney World?
  11. Which of these following ants can farm?
  12. Which is the 5th Oldest City in the World?

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