How much do you know me?

I have many good friends, but even more strangers that visit my website. Think you know more about me than my friends do? Someone who is my friend has visited my website and knows a lot about me.

Think YOU can be a friend of mine? Or just a simple minded stranger? Take this quiz now and find out if you know about me and also if you will like my website...

Created by: Ramich of Rammich
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  1. What is my favorite color?
  2. What instrument do I play?
  3. Which one of these songs is my Favorite?
  4. What is my favorite thing to do?
  5. What grade am I in?(Fall 2010)?
  6. What color hair do I have?
  7. What level am I on on Wizard101? (If you do not know, just choose the last answer)
  8. How many games do I have for my DSi?
  9. Which one of these is my favorite food?
  10. Which one of these is my favorite website?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me?