How Full is Your Bladder?

**Please comment your wetting experiences in the comments!** Yes, this quiz requires you to wet yourself in two possible ways! Wetting yourself is kind of fun...

So is your bladder bursting or did you just go? Well, thanks to this quiz (and your instinct) you'll find out! Just click on this quiz! don't forget to comment!

Created by: Melanie

  1. When did you last pee?
  2. How much liquid have you consumed today?
  3. What movements are you making?
  4. Go into a straddle (legs apart but not a split). what happened?
  5. Pee, pee, potty, toilet, dribble, dribble, tinkle. How did these words make you feel?
  6. Sit on the toilet but do not pee. Are you successful?
  7. Pee in a cup and then stop. Were you able to stop?
  8. Look at the next two questions, which both require you to wet yourself. choose one, only one, and do it. Okay?
  9. Option A: take off pants and pee in bathtub or shower. How big was the puddle?
  10. Option B: go through your laundry basket and pick out pants you've already worn and are dirty. Put them on and go outside to a private area of your yard where no one will see you (or inside if you're willing to mop up a mess). Now wet yourself. How wet are you? How do you feel?
  11. Nw go change out of your wet pants/run water in your shower to get pee out and be free!

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Quiz topic: How Full is my Bladder?