How much do you like to wet yourself?

It's hard to admit when we have a liking for something thats considered abnormal, and in this case, babyish. But no one has to know about how you feel, it can be your little secret, so find out for real how much you enjoy wetting yourself.

Are you a wetting lover, or not a wetter at all..or maybe have a little curiosity. Wetting is fun, but when you are afraid of getting judged, it's hard to admit it to yourself. Find out here the truth of how much you enjoy it!

Created by: Tabitha

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  1. Have you ever wet yourself on purpose?
  2. Would you be willing to try it or do it again?
  3. How much do you think about wetting? Whether youve done it before or not...
  4. Your friend and you are hanging out and all of a sudden they start wetting their pants, a lot. They tell you they like it and do it from time to time. They ask you what you think..?
  5. The same friend dares you to wet yourself right then and there so you could be wet together. Would you?
  6. Have you ever or ever wanted to wet the bed on purpose?
  7. If a diaper randomly appeared in front of you, it fit perfectly, no one is home or will be home for hours. You...
  8. Pee yourself just a little, right now. Did you and how much?
  9. If someone were to pay you $1000 cash to wet yourself in public, say while pumping gas, and there were 5 other cars pumping gas, would you?
  10. You wet yourself for fun. Theres no one home and wont be for a long time. How long until you change clothes.
  11. It's pouring rain outside, all your clothes are soaking wet..and you have to pee. Would you wet yourself?
  12. Your friend invites you over for a sleepover and says it would be fun to try to wet the bed in your sleep. Would you go along with it and wet the bed with her?

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Quiz topic: How much do I like to wet myself?