What Funky Pillow is in Your Soul?

This seems dumb, I know. Why would I, a possibly-but-probably-not-normal human being, want to know what kind of pillow resides within my very soul? I understand where you are coming from, but you must understand these are FUNKY pillows we are talking about. What's so special about it being funky, you may ask?

Funky, by most people, is an adjective considered to be "out of date", "no longer used by the public", and "not very interesting in this day and age." Well, something along those lines is probably the best thing you could use to measure something we cannot see, hear, imagine, or even confirm it's existence. Wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Which of these items gives you the most calming vibes?
  2. Imagine a young girl, about 4' 6" tall. She has blonde hair, brown eyes, a red dress, and a pair of black buckled boots. The girl also wears a black belt, black earrings, and a purple choker. What name would you imagine for this girl?
  3. If given the chance to study one of Neptune's moons, which would you choose to study?
  4. You are handed five glasses that are identical except for the color, and all with the same liquid inside. One of the glasses is clean; the rest contain poison. You must choose one glass to drink, or you die anyways. Which color glass do you choose?
  5. The "Five W's" are known in the English language as the five main categories an adjective can fit under, categorized by what it describes. Pick one.
  6. Just the very name of something can already get our brain to start creating opinions, generalizations, stereotypes, inferences, and more. Pick a shampoo based on the company name alone.
  7. Would you pick a rug more based on the colors or patterns?
  8. According to Wikipedia, a butterfly garden "designed to create an environment that attracts butterflies, as well as certain moths." Pick a plant commonly found in a butterfly garden.
  9. The years between 1900 and 2000 were remarkable steps forwards and backwards for mankind. What eras had, in your opinion, the least impact in our history?
  10. Fashion, while stupid and/or irrelevant to some, can, in most situations, give context clues to what a person is like or how they feel. What kind of jeans might you wear to a cupcake shop in Ontario?
  11. The average quiz ends with 10 questions, or at least on an even number. Does ending on an uneven number make you feel any different?

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