Which Soul Calibur 4 Girl Are You?

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I just wanted to do something relating around one of my most favorite video games, so I chose my three favorite girls from Soul Calibur IV, Tira, Sophitia, and Talim.

Each has her own description, and I tried to keep the questions simple and easy to understand. I would appreciate it if you guys would comment and rate my quiz!

Created by: Kitty Kat

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you good?
  2. Are you neutral on many things?
  3. Are you evil?
  4. Which do you prefer for a weapon?
  5. Do you find yourself wearing darker, more revealing clothes?
  6. Do you focus on the elements such as the wind (air)?
  7. Which element would describe you most?
  8. Do you have a child you would do anything for to protect?
  9. Do you have a family?
  10. Will you rate my quiz, and comment?

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Quiz topic: Which Soul Calibur 4 Girl am I?