Are you a werewolf???

this quiz is for fun and not might be totally accurate with the results so don't get discourage. The quiz is about if that you have the wolf inside you, please don't pick the answers purposely to get 100% werewolf, just be yourself and have fun!

See if you have the wolf inside and if score high, rub it in your snooby friends faces and do your most realistic dog howl. Show em' who's the alpha of the school!

Created by: wildwolf145

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's you're favorite color?
  2. how do you react to silver?
  3. what animal do you prefer?
  4. what element do you like best?
  5. any reactions to the moon?
  6. you're weapon choice?
  7. birth-day? month only.
  8. you're description
  9. food choice?
  10. how do you dress?

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf???