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  • I got 93% :) I really liked this quiz and r u as excited as I am for The Last Hope to come out? I wonder who the fourth cat will be? Im pretty sure it'll be either Hollyleaf or Ivypool but I'm not sure. I also wonder how they will reavel themselves to the other Clans. Like would it be at a gathering and would they tell ThunderClan first or not? Gosh, so many unanswered questions, I wish it would just come out already although I know that I'm going to be crying alot when I read Firstar's death D':

    • I'm guessing it's Firestar because he had a prophesy! Fire will save the clan!

      Dvora M
  • 83%. Pretty good, considering I haven't read all the book yet. It's okay, I don't mind spoilers. ;) 10 stars! :D

  • I got 97%! :D Awesome quiz, now I want to read the books again.

  • 86%! Woo hoo! I loved this quiz!


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