Are You A Vampire?

You might know vampires as evil, horrible creatures that kill you for your blood. Or maybe you think they are almost like humans. You might even think they dont exist at all. This quiz will give you the answer to am I a vampire...

So what do you think? Are you a full vampire? Are you a half vampire or are you maybe just human? Have you got the guts to find out what you really are? Well, go on, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz!

Created by: secret8

  1. Oh Dear! Im Bleeding! (Im Not Really)
  2. Your Thoughts On Werewolves.
  3. Its Summer Time Again!
  4. The Garlic Festival Is Coming To Town! (It Actually Exists!)
  5. A Christian Group Is Coming To Your School To Do A Talk About Crosses! They Are Bringing Some Crosses Too!
  6. Oops! I Accidentally Gave You That Mans Holy Water Instead Of Your Order! Never Mind!
  7. Hey! Look What I Found! Its Wooden And Pointy! Look! You Hold It!
  8. I See A Bat!
  9. Guess Whos Gonna Be Performing At The Circus? Its That Duo Who Think They Are Werewolves!
  10. Tomorrow Some Nurses Are Coming To Town To Collect Blood For People Who Need It!
  11. Now, Just For Fun, Predict Your Result! (No Effect)

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Quiz topic: Am I A Vampire?