Are you a true vampire

There are many vampires, but few real ones! Come and please take this test and find out if you are apart of this underground mirical! This test will make your dreams come true!

Are you prepared to become a vampire or not? Vampires are awesome if you are taking this quiz then don't be upset ! Okay this is an awesome test and take this test!?!

Created by: Augusta1293

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  1. Are you a vampire?
  2. Do you like garlic?
  3. Can you touch holy crosses?
  4. Can you touch silver?
  5. Can you be in the sun?
  6. Pick one:
  7. If you were at a house with a ton of mustard seeds, what would you do?
  8. Pick one of the Emojis that vampires can shapeshift in:
  9. Are vampires immortal?
  10. Thank you for taking this test

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Quiz topic: Am I a true vampire