are you a true pokemon fan or not

are you a true and i mean a true pokemon fan and if you pass test trust me you might have a hard time because some of it is from some of the firt seasons

are you a true pokemon fan do you have the brain to answer these questions this test comes very easy to some people and to some other not easy at all but propbably easy

Created by: Justin

  1. what is the legendary pokemon did ash see in the resent season
  2. what is ash's pokemon in one of the first seasons that never obeyed him but mabye a few times
  3. what is the legendary pokemon does ash see on his way to start his journey
  4. who does ash not have a rivalry with
  5. what was ash's starter pokemon
  6. what legendary pokemon does misty see in the resent season's
  7. who was with ash since he started his journey and still is with him
  8. what is ash's last name
  9. how old was ash when he started his jouney
  10. how did ash get his chimchar

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Quiz topic: Am I a true pokemon fan or not