Which RP Pokemon Character are You?

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Have you ever thought to yourself..."Which RP Pokemon Am I"?Probably not,But hey!Come on over,and waste time on 20 easy questions!Tell me how it was in the comments.Thanks! ^3^

So...You have come to test Yourself Eh?Cool.Now I have More company to occupy me.Now please take this test seriously,because it would be awesome if you did.

Created by: Jacob
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  1. If You Had One Wish,what would it Be?
  2. Which Weapon would you use?
  3. Your Friend Has Accidentally Taken your lunch at school,by passing your locker then He/She thought it was His/Hers.At lunch you see them looking at your lunch awkwardly,but still eating it...What do you do?
  4. Oh Boy!You Get 40 Dollars,and your going to Amazon/Wal-mart to get a Pokemon Game!Which one Do you get?
  5. Which one....Old-School Games(SNES,Arcade,Genesis,Dreamcast,Etc.),Or Modern(Xbox 360,PS3,Wii,DS,Etc.)?
  6. If You Were To Get Into A Fight,How Do You Fight?
  7. Your Friend Is Coming Over To Your House!You get to do anything for now...What do you do?
  8. Which Pokemon Would you like to be?
  9. What's your Hobby?
  10. Which one would you be out of all of these?
  11. Some Guy/Girl Gives You A Subliminal Look in Front Of His/Her Friends,they continue doing Stupid things...What do you do?
  12. Your Friend Is Being Bullied!You Quickly Run up to The Bully,only for Him to Tell you to Walk away!What do you do!?
  13. You Get Triple-Dog Dared to Spend the Night In a Haunted Mansion!The place looks Eerie,and It looks scary...But you will get 30 Dollars!What do you do?
  14. Which one Best Describes You?
  15. Which Food?
  16. Mudkip Or Snivy?
  17. Thx For Taking My Quiz!How Was It?
  18. Bye!And Thx For Taking time out of you life just to do this!

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Quiz topic: Which RP Pokemon Character am I?