Are you a true Percy Jackson worshipper?

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There are many people who have read Percy Jackson, but only a few who can be called a true worshipper. Or you blessed by the gods? Are you a hardcore Percy Jackson fan?

Only one way to answer all your questions! Take this quiz. IN a few minutes, you'll know just how well you REALLY know these books. Good luck to you!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed
  1. Percy's mother ______________________ works for __________________________.
  2. Grover Underwood's favorite food?
  3. Annabeth Chase lives in what cabin?
  4. Where is the Sea of Monsters?
  5. Clarrisse's last name?
  6. Thalia's last name?
  7. The name of the hundred-handed one Percy, Annabeth and Tyson met?
  8. William H. Seward was...
  9. Chiron's ex pseudonym?
  10. Selena Beauregard's nickname for Charles Beckendorf was what?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Percy Jackson worshipper?