Are you a true Monster High fan?

This is a Monster High fan quiz, simple for a pure true fan, but hard for a new collector. Whatever stage your collection is at I hope you have fun with the Monster High quiz.

I am a true Monster High fan. I have 125+ dolls. I also collect Ever After High. I consider myself an expert on Monster High and Ever After High, it's my life!

Created by: Wydowna
  1. What was the first Monster High movie to come out in 2015?
  2. What is special about Goopiope Jellington?
  3. Isi Dawndancer is the child of...
  4. Amanita Nightshade is Cleo De Niels...
  5. In what year did Monster High come out?
  6. Was the creator of Monster High female or male?
  7. What is the difference between the two types of Astranovas?
  8. How many Monster High dolls do you have?
  9. Do you think you are a true fan?
  10. How much do you love Monster High?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Monster High fan?