What Monster High Character Are You?

Do you like Monster High? Want to know who your like? Check out my Monster High Quiz just answer 15 questions and find out the freaky fab monster you.

Do you want to be a Monster? Do you love Monster High? Want to find out what monster you are like and can possible the monster side of you. Enjoy! I hope you like it.

Created by: Elliana
  1. If you had a pet what should it be?
  2. Have you ever wanted to be a monster?
  3. What type of monster would you be?
  4. Which words best describes you?
  5. If a friend needed advice for an outfit what type of advice will you give them?
  6. If you friend was upset what would you do?
  7. If your friend needed advice for a guy/girl what will you say?
  8. What will make you the most happy?
  9. Who would you have as a parent?
  10. Which would be your catch fraze if you wanted one?
  11. Which best describes your style?
  12. How exited are you to see the freaky fabulous monster you are?
  13. Well your almost done. What type of boy will you crush on?
  14. How much friends do you have?
  15. Which detail will make you look freaky fab and suits you?
  16. What's your favorite colors?

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Quiz topic: What Monster High Character am I?