Which Monster high character are you ?

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"We are monsters , we are proud...," you may have heard this song before already . Well , this song belongs to Monster High , my all-time FAVORITE show .

'Hmmm...I wonder what character I am most like' you may ponder . Do YOU want to know ? well , this quiz has that answer , but YOU must have to answer the questions here . Take this quiz and find out which MH character you are like most .

Created by: Anonymos

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you the athletic type ?
  2. Are you the fashion-full type ?
  3. Wait , what is Monster High ?
  4. Cats or dogs ?
  5. Bats or snakes ?
  6. Are you : Being yourself Being unique Being a Monster ?
  7. You are a vampire and you see a warewolf doing something embarassing . what do you do ?
  8. Do you make a lot of friends ?
  9. Are you open to others ?
  10. Do you like Monster high ?

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Quiz topic: Which Monster high character am I ?