Are you a true Directioner?

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There are many people out there who call themselves Directioners. Most of them are frauds. FAKES! Find out here if you are a true Directioner or not. I hope you do well!

Are you a true Directioner? You may think you are, but you never know...I would suggest watching the video diaries if you are not. You will come to love one Direction. I love Harry! HE IS MINE. I CALL HIM.

Created by: Skyler Potter

  1. Ok. First we will do a "Finish the sentance." Just answer how you would finish it!
  2. NO!
  3. What does the name Kevin mean to you?
  4. Zayn, what's your favorite chat-up line?
  5. Louis likes girls who...
  6. DJ Malik!
  7. Get out...
  8. Liam is afraid of...
  9. Zayn can't...
  10. Marry me.
  11. Thanks for taking! Hope you liked it!

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Directioner?