Are You A True Demi Lovato Fan?

There are probably millions of Demi fans. Are You one of them. Are you? Well take this quiz to find out . If you see Demi you won't try to rip her clothes off or any other celebrity So take this quiz to see if your actually a Demi Lovato fan. Trust me , You might actually get more info than you ever could imagine.

Are you a TRUE Demi Lovato fan? This quiz will show you all you need to know about Demi . You might just know her songs and love her acting but you don't know her personal life.(Neither do I ) Anyway take this quiz and please leave great comments. I'm just 11 & 1/2.

Created by: Anandah
  1. What is Demi's birth name ?
  2. Who is her best friend?
  3. When is her Birthday?
  4. Where was she born?
  5. What is the name of her 2 albums?
  6. Which year was she born?
  7. Who was her current boyfriend ?
  8. Why did she fix her teeth?
  9. Why does she change her look?
  10. What was her first Disney sitcom?
  11. Are you really a Demi Fan?
  12. Will this quiz help you to become more familiar with Demetria/ Demi?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Demi Lovato Fan?