are you a total snob?

QUIZ FOR GIRLS ONLY there are people in the world who are snobby, few are total snobs, they think much about them selves. are YOU a total snob?? take this quiz to find out

i personally dont like snobs, they are usally rich or know people who are rich that provide them with riches. and also they hav many talents, such as beauty, fashion designing, and singing. are you a snob or is some 1 you know> not the best thing to b... take this quiz 2 find the REAL TRUTH

Created by: noneya
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you love to look at yourself and always carry a mirror
  2. is image that matters most
  3. are you rich
  4. are you popular
  5. what type of clothes do you wear
  6. do most people think your beautiful
  7. what kind of shoes do you wear?
  8. are you a neat freak
  9. do you have a boyfriend
  10. do u say btw, omg, ttyl not just in txting but with ur mouth?

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Quiz topic: Am I a total snob?