Are you a snob?

THere are many snobs in the world today, and snobs dont get very far in the social world. people tend to HATE snobs. What exactly is a snob you might ask? Someone that could care less about others...and if people arent up to their standards theyr eact in a very unpleasant way.

Are you a snob? Are you the one everyone is always talking about? Find out with the "are you a snob" may discover your not the nicest car in the lot...

Created by: marisa

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  1. when a random person greets you what do u do
  2. If a friend comes to you asking for advice what do you do?
  3. what would you do if saw a homeless person on the street?
  4. If you are asked on a date by somone that isnt that popular you...
  5. a friend asks you for a favor you...
  6. The Quiz is OVERRRR!
  7. fooled ya...what's ur reaction
  8. if somone is less fortunate then yourself you...
  9. wat do u do if ur friend looks a little off today??
  10. Now it truly ovr

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Quiz topic: Am I a snob?